Sunday 28 July 2013

Zero-Hour Contracts: Letter to my MP

Earlier this evening, I read the Guardian article about Sports Direct's zero-hour policy for their part-time staff. After my wife pointed out that a bitchy outburst on Twitter wasn't going to change anything, I decided to write a letter to my MP, Kate Hoey, using the excellent WriteToThem service.

If this issue (or any other) winds you up as much as it does me, I would recommend using some of your self-righteousness to write a letter to your MP. How I did so is enclosed below.

Dear Kate Hoey,
You may recently have read in The Guardian about Sports Direct's policy of keeping all of their part-time employees on zero-hour contracts[1].                                                                                      
I feel like zero-hour contracts are unacceptable, as they leave employees with no sick pay, holiday pay or guarantee of future earnings. This sort of security is something that I feel an employer should provide their employees with.
I would appreciate hearing your thoughts on this matter which I consider very important.
Yours sincerely
Daniel Watkins

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